Are You Ready To Start A Self-Pay Practice?
There is a tectonic shift in healthcare happening with more and more people looking for alternative treatments to stay healthy, feel better, and live longer and they're waiting for you.
Help More People On Your Terms
Could The Cash Practice Course Help You Finally Make The Jump To Healthcare Clinic Owner?
The Cash Practice Course is a complete step-by-step program designed to show you how to setup a clinic from scratch even if you have no business experience.

Even better, we'll show you the best niche practices to open and how to decide which is best for your city.
You'll learn how to...
You'll learn how to...
  • ​Conduct a market analysis to determine which is the best clinic to open in your area.
  • ​How to set your business up for success from the beginning from getting an LLC to how to structure your business.
  • ​An overview of laws and regulations in the healthcare industry so you don't leave yourself exposed.
  • ​How to create a website that shows up when people in your area look for you.
  • Supplies and equipment that all clinics need and the best places to get them.
  • How to hire the right people so you only work when you want.
  • ​Business plan template with startup expense calculator.
Discover How This Tectonic Shift Is Helping 
Healthcare Entrepreneurs Break Free From Corporate Medicine 
While Providing Services Patients Pay Cash For.
Discover How This Tectonic Shift Is Helping Healthcare Entrepreneurs Break Free From Corporate Medicine While Providing Service Patients Desperately Want.
Why so many healthcare professionals are finally taking back control of their lives and serving their patients better.
Opening your own self-pay clinic may seem daunting, even impossible, it's actually easier than going back to school for that next degree or certification. But hospital execs don't want you knowing that.

With rising insurance costs and worsening coverage, people have had enough and are ready for an alternative. They're tired of long waits to see a provider that only spends 5 minutes with them.

More and more people are wishing for the days of house calls and someone actually listening and caring if they got better.

Patients want to speak to an expert who will actually help them get healthy instead of prescribing another pill to mask their symptoms. This is skyrocketing demand for niche, self-pay clinics across the country.

In the past getting another degree or certification might have meant more respect, a bigger salary, and working fewer hours. But that's not the case anymore as hospitals try to squeeze as much as they can out of you.

It's time to take control back while giving patients what they actually need.
Why A Self Pay Clinic?
Why IV Nutritional Therapy Course Business Edition? The ideal preventative therapy.
The one place that most healthcare entrepreneurs mess up when starting their own clinic is following the corporate medicine model and basing their clinic around insurance payments. This single choice can doom a clinic before it ever opens.

We all know the frustrations and problems with insurance. Payments can take months. There's no guarantee you'll get the full payment. Billing codes are always changing, making it difficult to even submit a claim. Wasted time going back and forth fighting with insurance companies.

When starting a clinic (or any business) it's crucial to have cash coming in as soon as possible. People and bills need to get paid if you're going to keep your doors open. Many clinics have gone out of business waiting for those first insurance payments.

Insurance also limits the services you can offer, with many of the hottest trending treatments not yet covered. This means huge portions of the population you won't be able to serve. Patients who are eagerly waiting for someone to offer these treatments.

And there's something different about this type of patient. They truly care about their health and wellbeing. People who are willing to pay out of pocket for health treatments take your advice more seriously, work harder to get results and keep coming back.

Imagine working with patients who are excited to come in and actually take part in their treatment. Patients who don't complain or come in with a bunch of excuses on why they still haven't done what you've told them to do.

How much more would you enjoy your career if that became the norm instead of the exception?

Opening a self-pay clinic means total freedom in choosing who you want to help and how you want to help them.  
Not sure what clinic to start?  Here are just a few options:
  • Aesthetics - Using treatments such as fillers, neurotoxin, skin peels, and YAG lasers to helping people to look their best.
  • Peptide Therapy - Using peptide treatments to improve wellness in almost endless ways from stimulating growth hormone to libido.
  • IV Nutritional Therapy - Help people getting the right nutrients to improve mental health, focus, energy, and so much more.
  • Ketamine Therapy - Help patients with depression, PTSD, and chronic pain with this breakthrough treatment that's starting to take off in the mental health community.
  • Direct Primary Care - Offer a flat fee to members to provide high-quality healthcare that actually treats patients instead of managing symptoms.
Starting A Clinic Isn't Hard When You Already Have The Blueprint For Success
Why Should You Connect To The "Hot Market" of IV Nutritional Industry With IV Therapy Business Edition?
You'll be learning from instructors who have built their own successful clinics and helped over a thousand students start theirs in various specialties. Use our clinic blueprint for success to avoid the common and costly pitfalls most new clinic owners make.
Join Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Inside the Cash Practice Community
Share Experiences With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Inside IV Therapy Industry
Self-Pay Clinic Business Model:
Choosing to start a self-pay clinic gives you complete freedom with your clinic. You can offer whatever services you'd like and add new ones as they become popular. You won't be waiting for payments to come in or arguing with insurance reps over how much you get. Instead, you'll get payments upfront from patients who are excited to be there and take their health seriously.
Patients Are Waiting For You
Patients around the country are searching for these niche treatments in your area. Too many people are still driving hours to the nearest clinic and demand is only increasing. Right now is the time to open your clinic and establish yourself.

Low Startup cost
Many self-pay clinics have very low startup costs and the Cash Practice Course will show you to stay as lean as possible. From equipment and supplies to who to hire and when. You'll learn how to start your practice with as few expenses as possible and how to avoid costly mistakes.
Why Should you Include IV Nutrition Therapy Into Your Business?
Create The Life You Want As A Clinic Owner
Benefits are endless:
Spend more time with family and friends. 
Control over your schedule.
Generate new streams of revenue.
Help people in your community.
Ready to take back control of your life?
Using our Clinic Blueprint for success can mean the difference between struggling for months or years trying to figure everything out on your own and creating a thriving practice from the beginning. 
How Will The Cash Practice Course Help You Start A Thriving Clinic Right Away?
How Could IV Nutritional Therapy Business Edition Enhance your Clinic Performance?
You wouldn't try to learn surgery on your own, don't try starting your own clinic without a proven blueprint for success.
Imagine being put on the floor on your first day of school. Before you've had a chance to read any of the textbooks or hear a single lecture.  

Sounds crazy right? You'd have no idea what you were doing and something will almost certainly go wrong. No one in their right mind would put themselves in that situation or put someone else in a position to fail like that...

But when it comes to starting a clinic, we see healthcare professionals trying to do that all the time. While you aren't likely to hurt your patients if you pick the wrong location or don't have a good website, there is a big risk of leaving you and your clinic exposed to major problems in the future.

With numerous regulations and different governing bodies, it can be easy to miss a crucial piece as you're putting the puzzle together. From not getting the correct license, to properly understanding scope of practice, to hiring the wrong people. Any one of these can torpedo your success, or at the very least add unnecessary stress or cost thousands of dollars.

After working with over 1,000 students to help them get their clinics started we've figured out the critical pieces every clinic needs to understand if they want to be successful. We've taken that knowledge and distilled it down to a step-by-step blueprint you can follow to make sure your clinic is successful from the start.

Course Curriculum

You'll get lifetime access including all future updates when you enroll

Mindset Goal Setting For Success
Having the right mindset is crucial to success and necessary before doing anything else. We'll show you how to shift your thinking from employee to clinic owner and why that change is so important for success.

While we can give you the blueprint to creating a successful clinic, it's still up to you to actually do the work. We'll show you how to set the right goals to get your clinic started the right way as quickly as possible.
Market Research For Opening The Right Clinic
The second biggest key to success is opening the right clinic for your area. There are various reasons why one clinic will be more successful in a given area like population size, beliefs and ideals, competition, location, etc.  

While you're free to open any kind of clinic you want, certain specialties will make success and growth easier in your area. We'll show you how to do a market analysis of your area so you can start a clinic that you know will be in-demand.
Understanding Finances For Growth
Knowing where you want to end up, setting the right goals, and picking the right clinic, is only half the battle. Now it's time to create the map that will get you there.

Understanding your financials will be key to achieving your goals. We'll show you how to calculate your startup expenses so you're prepared ahead of time with the right investment. Then we'll teach you how to create projections so you know how many patients you need to continue growing your clinic.

Finally, we'll go over different funding options (bootstrapping, loan, or investor funding) and which one is best for you.
Finding The Right Location
Finding the right office space is more than finding a good location. It also needs to work with your clinic's business model.

We'll show you how to find a great place and expertly negotiate the right lease terms that give you an advantage from the beginning. There's a variety of options for commercial offices and picking the wrong lease could cost thousands.
Licensing & Regulations To Keep You Protected
Having the proper licenses and following relevant regulations is absolutely necessary to keep your clinic protected and in business. Missing any can spell disaster for your clinic while leaving you personally liable.

Don't be alarmed, setting up your clinic properly won't be difficult after we show you what to look for and where you need to go from OSHA and CDC requirements to navigating scope of practice in your state.

*Please note that it's beyond the scope of this course to include state-specific requirements for each type of clinic. You will still need to find a local attorney to help with any specifics related to your state and clinic specialty but we'll show you how to find the best attorney in your area.
Forming Your Business The Right Way
Setting up your business entity the correct way will keep you personally protected.  

This lesson will cover everything from finding the right attorney and accountant to picking the right name, how to incorporate and set up the right accounts, insurance, and patient financing options.
Hiring The Right People
Employees and culture can make or break a clinic in more ways than one. It's imperative you're hiring the right people, in the right order to keep your clinic operating effectively.

One of the greatest things about being a clinic owner is being able to leverage people to handle the majority of day-to-day operations. When done right, you can cut your workload to only a few hours a week while focusing on what you enjoy most.

We'll show you the ins and outs of who to hire and cover proper hiring practices to keep you and your employees protected and happy.
Marketing Strategies For Growth
Marketing is the fuel that keeps your clinic full of new patients so you can keep growing. The problem is focusing on the wrong marketing strategies will eat up funds quickly and leave you wondering what went wrong.

We'll show you the most important places to focus your time, attention, and money in the beginning so patients are booking appointments before you even open your doors.
Equipment & Supplies
We're going to show you what supplies and equipment every self-pay clinic needs to start. We'll also show you the best places to order from and how to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Our growing library of specialty clinics also includes equipment lists for those types of clinics.
Course Modules

Introduction To IV Therapy

What IV Nutritional Therapy is.
How it enhances patient's health.

IV Therapy Regulations

Review of federal rules that need to be complied with.
Guidelines on typical state and local regulations to look out for.*
Workarounds for specific cases.*

*Please consult your attorney to ensure you are complying with all applicable laws.  We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice.

Venous Access

Best methods to draw blood, quickly and painlessly.
Obtain IV Access.
How to process labs in an outpatient setting.

6 Month Accelerator Program

For your first six months in the Cash Practice Course you'll get two calls each month with one of our momentum coaches to keep you moving forward, help you overcome any roadblocks, and ensure that you keep moving through the program to get your clinic open as quickly as possible.

12 Months Q&A Calls

Join us live on our group coaching calls to get your most pressing questions answered and help overcome any problems you're facing in your clinic. 

You'll have the chance to ask our instructors any question related to your clinic and get advice from people who have already done it.
Niche Specific Clinic Overviews
Discover a variety of in-demand clinics you could open.  Learn the pros and cons of each, why it's gaining popularity, and keys to success.  
  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • ​Ketamine Therapy

    Coming Soon
  • ​Medical Weight Loss
  • Aesthetics (fillers, neurotoxin, skin peels, and YAG lasers)
  • Hair Loss
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Aesthetics
  • Peptide Therapy
  • ​Direct Primary Care

    As new trends emerge we'll continue to add additional lessons covering new clinics that pop up.
Get 24/7 access to our private student mastermind to network with other clinic owners, ask questions, and learn what's working now.
One of the most tedious and boring parts of adding a new treatment is creating all the forms you need from assessment tools to medical history and medical and office supplies checklists. We provide everything you need to get started. Check out the full list below.
New Patient Agreement

Medical Release Records Form

Health History Form

Templates for Policies and Procedures

Sample Operating Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Job Offer Letter

Subcontract for Certified Nurse Practitioner Specialty Services

How to Opt-Out of Medicare
New Patient Agreement

Medical Release Records Form

Health History Form

Templates for Policies and Procedures

Sample Operating Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Job Offer Letter

Subcontract for Certified Nurse Practitioner Specialty Services

How to Opt-Out of Medicare
Get the exact same business plan that dozens of our students have used to get clarity on their business and secure funding. Even if you aren't looking for outside funding this will help you gain clarity and create a roadmap for a successful clinic.
Plus get exclusive tuition discounts on speciality and advanced courses.
Meet Your Instructor
LCDR Jason Duprat
Jason is a serial entrepreneur, nurse anesthetist, and nurse corps naval officer. He was the former detachment training officer for Expeditionary Medical Facility-Dallas, Det A. He founded, operated, and later sold his ketamine therapy practice. He is the founder & lead instructor of the Ketamine Academy, and the founder & co-instructor of the IV Therapy Academy. 

Jason is also the creator and host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast, a podcast devoted to inspiring, motivating, and educating healthcare professionals on their quest to become successful healthcare business owners.

Jason is passionate about helping other healthcare professionals find true freedom and happiness through entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he enjoys weight training, spending time on the water with his family, and helping his church LIVE stream their service.

Education And Training

West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Master of Business Administration, Dec, 2019
Barry University, Orlando, Florida, Master of Science in Anesthesiology, May, 2014
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, Accelerated Second Degree BSN, Aug, 2009
​Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, Bachelor of Science in Management with a conc. in Information Technology, Nov. 2005.

National Certifications/Training

American Heart Association
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support (PALS)
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Emergency Nurses Association
+Trauma Nurse Course Curriculum
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
+ Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute
+ Combat Casualty Care Course
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
+ CCRN​​
Navy Reserve Unit Management Course  

Professional Associations

Psychedelic Medicine Association
Military Officers Association
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists
American Nurses Association
National Nurses in Business Association
Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Take back control of your time, enjoy your work, and create the life you want with your own self-pay clinic
The cutting-edge professional training to help you make the leap to healthcare entrepreneur.
  • Learn all you need to know to confidently and quickly start your own self-pay clinic in any specialty you want.
  • Avoid common mistakes that cost new clinic owners thousands of dollars and months of time.
  • Get help from successful owners who are in the trenches and already know what's working now.
  • Take advantage of the Business content to create a thriving practice from the start.
Get The Professional Expertise You Need To Confidently Start And Run Your Own Clinic
Hold On a Second!- Before You Enroll.
You MUST know all the benefits that the IV Nutritional Therapy Lite Course Brings To The Table.
This course takes you through everything you need to know business wise to get your own clinic up and running. It's a great course and well worth the money!
-‎ Dana Corchoran APRN.
I am incredibly happy with the course that Jason put together. It helped me so much, I would have had no idea how to start a clinic or even where to begin if it hadn't been for him and the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy to understand, it didn't take all my time and I could do it at night after I got home from work, so it was perfect. I encourage anybody who is thinking  about it to go for it and do it, it's been very rewarding!
-Cindy Hutson, DO 
Start Your Self-Pay Clinic Today
Discover How To Work IV Infusions Therapy Today
At Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy, we’ve developed a training for you to provide a great solution to address a number of common health concerns.

If you’ve been searching for a way to help more people while gaining more time and freedom yourself, this is what you've been looking for.

A clinic that offers endless option to patients looking after their health and wellbeing.

Starting any new business can be hard work, but with the Cash Practice Course you'll be setup for success from the beginning.
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Why Is IV Infusion Therapy In Such High Demand?
IV therapy is popular due to its many benefits. IV protocols have tremendous power to alleviate symptoms like headache, fatigue, and jet lag, cold symptoms, and even more serious issues.
The effects of such a treatment can be felt almost instantaneously. Your clients will walk away feeling refreshed and revitalized.
Be an industry-leader and reap the rewards of early adoption. Expand your business by offering an exciting new service and get in on the ground floor of a rapidly-growing industry
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